Food Advisory Consumer Service Food Advisory Consumer Service

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The Food Advisory Consumer Service (FACS) was established in 1995 to provide the consumer and the media with correct and relevant information on a variety of food and nutrition issues. This was prompted by the fact that the consumer is often supplied with confusing myths and sensational misinformation about food and diets. Information is sourced from local and overseas food and nutrition professionals and credible science-based organisations. FACS is run on a voluntary basis and administered and funded by the South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) – a non-profit, scientific organization for food and other science professionals in South Africa.

A committee representing the South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST), the South African National Consumer Union (SANCU), the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA), the Nutrition Society of South Africa (NSSA) and the Department of Health, Directorate Food Control is responsible for managing and running FACS.